Update from Sept. 9 meeting

by Matthew Kenwright,

Dr. Paul Kelly, assistant superintendent for business services, called the meeting to order and welcomed the advisory committee members. The group approved the minutes from the last meeting and then Dr. Kelly went over the timeline for the rest of the process.

The advisory committee members reviewed all 18 ideas they had come up with during their previous meeting. Dr. Kelly had separated the ideas into three groups: ideas that had the high schools first, ideas that had the high schools in a later tier, and ideas that had four tiers of bus routes.

Dr. Kelly took the group through the process of providing their scores for all 18 ideas, based on the Board of Education’s criteria.

Creation and Revision of Plans:
The advisory committee members discussed which of the three groups of ideas they each liked the best, and then they worked with others who preferred the same group to come up with new or revised ideas.

Next Meeting:
At the next meeting, which will be 4:30-7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23 in the Plaza Middle School media center, the advisory committee will score the new ideas they created. Then, they will find out which plans scored the highest. These are the plans that will go to the public for feedback. The advisory committee will also start a list of considerations for improvement for each of the highest scoring ideas.

Presentation and handouts (PDF)
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