Members of the Start Times Advisory Committee suggested changes to the final recommendation to the Board of Education. We will consider all their changes, but we will be cautious about any considerations that would affect more students than the ones they intend, or about which we have received opposing feedback. We will also make some adjustments in the spring, after we select a bus company. The advisory committee's list of considerations is below.

Elementary Considerations:

  • Consider adjusting schools with 9:03 AM start times to 9:00 AM.

  • Consider moving elementary school start times earlier.

  • Consider adjusting Hopewell Elementary School's start time earlier.

  • Consider opening elementary schools 30 minutes before their school start time.

Middle-School Considerations:

  • Considering aligning all four middle schools to the same start time.

  • Consider pairing one other middle school with Walden Middle School's start time.

  • Consider moving Walden Middle School's start time earlier.

  • Consider moving middle school start times later than 7:15 AM.

Feeder Considerations:

  • Consider adjusting school start times to reduce the time gap between feeder schools.

  • Consider switching Line Creek Elementary and Tiffany Ridge Elementary so fewer feeder schools are two hours apart.

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