Update from May 13 Meeting

Superintendent Dr. Jeanette Cowherd thanked the work group members again for their time and efforts.

She reminded them that their work to research and provide facts about sleep research and the possible effects of different start time schedules on schools and students would inform the next step of the process.

In the next phase of the process, the Bus Drivers and Start Times advisory committee will use this information from the Sleep and Start Times work group to help make a recommendation to the Board about how to address our problems here in Park Hill that come from the nationwide bus driver shortage. The Bus Drivers and Start Times advisory committee will be a larger, Board-approved committee, and there will be an application process for people who want to participate.

Two group members who were not able to attend last time introduced themselves.

Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services Dr. Jeff Klein, the leader of this work group, reviewed the group’s purpose and charter.

The group broke back into its four subgroups, which took a break partway through their work to report out to the whole group:

  • Sleep Research:
    This subgroup reviewed several more studies, in which they found some common themes, including research that showed that teens have different circadian rhythms than adults, that delays in start times are associated with decreases in student car crashes, and that the amount of sleep is associated with symptoms of depression.

    Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jeff Klein said the quality of the studies varied, so we need to be cautious in evaluating the results.

  • Elementary, Middle-School and High-School Logistics:
    These three subgroups finished brainstorming about the effects of different start and end times, and they finished reading all of the comments from the recent survey. They began working on finding evidence to support their ideas about the effects of the different times, so that all their findings could be proven.

Dr. Klein and Dr. Cowherd thanked everyone for their time and effort.

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