Update from June 10 Meeting

The Sleep and Start Times work group met for the last time Monday night. The group reviewed the results of the recent survey and provided suggestions to edit the group’s final report.

The work group’s findings and the public’s response to them from the survey will come together in that report, which the Board will receive at a special meeting on Monday, June 17. The public will have an opportunity to comment at this meeting.

Then, at its regular meeting on Thursday, June 20, the Board will consider whether to move forward. If the Board does move forward, it would establish a committee and a process to address the bus driver shortage with a multi-tiered bus system, and the committee would then use the report from the Sleep and Start Times work group as it develops possible solutions.

Overview of previous findings:
The work group found that sleep research showed that, for elementary-age children, start times do not affect sleep. However, teenagers have different sleep patterns, and, while the research is limited, there is evidence that moving start times might reduce teens’ sleepiness, car accidents, truancy and depression. The research results about impacts on academic achievement were inconclusive.

They also found that changing start times had several different impacts on student and family schedules, including changing child care needs, students waiting for buses in the dark, students arriving home as late as 5 p.m., limiting after-school and community activities, missing class time, riding buses during rush hour, and limiting Professional Studies opportunities.

Review of survey results:
More than 1,000 parents and more than 400 staff took the survey, providing us with their opinions about the work group’s findings. Dr. Jeff Klein, assistant superintendent for academic services, provided the work group with some early highlights from the survey results, which we are still analyzing. The final report from the work group, which will come out at the special Board meeting on Monday, June 17, will include the survey results.

Review of draft work group report:
Dr. Klein shared his early draft of the final report in order to get the feedback of the work group members. He will incorporate their suggestions before sharing the report at the Board meeting on Monday, June 17.

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